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AZ Haunters 2023 WINNER:

Coming Soon:

Hellbilly Holler won Best Display haunt from the AZ Haunters for a second time (2020 & 2023! Thanks so much to Elena & Jim Thornton of The Arizona Consortium for the Arts for their fantastic filming.


* Still organizing and editing all 2023 photos and uploading them soon. Sorry for the delay, It took a month just to pack up to the haunt. We had lots of new props which means lots pf new photos!

* We are expanded the script for the next installment of the SueBob series. This one is called "The Transformation of SueBob". Our previous film (The Possession of SueBob) was a quarterfinalist in both The Lonely Wolf Film Fest and the Upstate NY Horror Film Festival. Also we placed 2nd in our division for the MOONRISE Film Festival in Sonora Mexico! Additional filming for The Transformation of SueBob will begin in May.

* We were interviewed by the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism for a podcast and we filmed it as well. Excerpts of it have been released on TikTok and will soon be on our YouTube page. But first it will be released to our subscribers. In it I spill all the details of how Hellbilly Holler came to be.

* Keep your eye on our TikTok page where we will be announcing contests and upcoming news that I am not allowed to mention yet.


For the past 14 years Hellbilly Holler has been setting up in North Phoenix. We are a moderately scary display haunt that is always FREE. In 2020 and now 2023 we won the AZhaunters prize for best display haunt.


Each year we strive to expand the haunt introducing new props, lighting, and projection. We have added quite a bit of solar lighting so the haunt can be in "Nightlight"mode after closing. Hellbilly Holler is about 1/2 custom built and 1/2 store bought.


In 2021 we introduced our Wendigos in a laser vortex tunnel. And in 2022 we introduced "The Twins" Merle & Earl, our bile puking water feature, as well as a scarecrow named "Beakistair Crowley". In 2023 we introduced "The Bone Collector" who digs up graves and grinds the bones of the ancestral inhabitants of Hellbilly Holler for their magical properties. There is a new creeper in the rocking chair that was once occupied by Bocephus who mysteriously disappeared on his last moonshine run out of the Holler. The crowning glory of the new props is "Frank SinRata" our life sized singing rat in the side yard known as the 'Rat Patch". His appearance is a mysterious one. The Swamp Witch in her younger days used to date Frank Sinatra and it ended badly. She stole his soul and his singing voice and put it into her favorite rat and he now sings for all eternity in the Rat Patch of Hellbilly Holler.

What you need to know

  • Each year we will have new silk screened UV reactive collectible t-shirts and tank tops for sale that cannot be purchased through the print shop.

  • Haunt opens (TBD) mid-October thru the 31st.

  • Open every night.

  • Hours are

    • Sunset to 11:00pm Friday & Saturday

    • Sunset to 9:00pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    • Afterhours to Sunrise haunt will be in "Nightlight" mode

  • No lines, no walk through, no actors, no touching

  • Feel free to take as many pics as you like

  • You may want to bring a fold out chair and hang out by the fire pit.

  • FREE but donations are appreciated


Hellbilly Holler

What happens when a bunch of hillbillies are too lazy to leave the holler to do some food shopping? All hell breaks loose! The recently dead can't taste that bad can they? Graveyards were raided until there was nothing left. Now what?  


Three hillbillies, Jethro, Bocephus, and Vincent venture down to the wetlands to seek out Lucia the Swamp Witch. They conspire to lure tourists into their lair.


The Hellbillies get the meat, the Witch gets the souls, and the rest goes to the Gators. This arrangement costs them dearly. Souls wear thin when canniBa'alism is practiced.  


Madam Athena, Gypsy fortune teller, wanders the countryside warning travelers to steer clear of Hellbilly Holler. Her foreboding often goes unheeded as travelers seeking potions of love, youth, and revenge venture to the holler for Lucia's dark assistance.  


Many become dinner, few escape.  


What will your fate be? 

The Story Goes






Cannibals Discovered

The Possession of SueBob

Banned from YouTube multiple times, This film can only be seen here!

We are proud to announce that our short film "Hellbilly Holler: The Possession of SueBob" placed second in it's division in the Moonrise Film Festival in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico, is a quarterfinalist in the Lonely Wolf Film Festival as well as the Upstate NY Horror Film Festival! We're honored to have been noticed on our first soiree into film festivals! WE hope to attend these film festival in person in the future with out next film "The Transformation of SueBob" which is filming now!


Hellbilly Swag

Coming Soon:
* I'll be adding the remainder of our limited edition UV reactive Wendigo t-shirts and tank tops to my Etsy Shop. These shirts cannot be found in our print shop (because they can't do UV inks). They sold extremely well at the haunt and at both ScardeyCon and Sanctum of Horror and we thank those two venues for allowing us to vend at their awesome events!

For T-Shirts click Filters/Departments/Apparel

Michaela Nastasia

Certifiably insane lover of Halloween, Michaela has been creating haunts since she was a teenager. A traditional and digital painter of fantasy/sci-fi/horror, Michaela lends her talents to custom built props as well as digital audio and video projections for Hellbilly Holler.  A former fetishist cosplayer, Michaela has been creating crowns, tiaras, and headpieces from sterling silver, antlers, bone, pearl, crystal and semi-precious stones since 2002.

Haunt Roles include:

  • Visionary designer and builder

  • Light, Sound, & Projection

  • Graphic & Web Design

  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Athena Nastasia

Haunt Roles include:

  • Character: Madam Athena Gypsy Fortune Teller

  • Character: Sue Bob

  • Character: Newscaster

  • Chief Prop Builder & Set Up

A seemingly well adjusted 14 year old, Athena has been studying drums, acting, singing, and creative writing for most of her childhood. A nationally award winning poet, Athena was the drummer for the house band at a Phoenix brewery, a soloist in school concerts, actress in commercials, and does voiceover work for an online educational company. Recently she has been experimenting with existentialist filmmaking.

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
Photo of Sue Bob

Y'all can help Sue Bob, a little hillbilly girl, git her chops fixed. Just kidding, it will probably go to Halloween props.


Please Donate

Madam Athena
Gypsy Fortune Teller

Photo of Madam Athena
Photo of crystal ball


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